Screen Printing

Having been established for over 50 years and conveniently located in the East Midlands between Nottingham and Derby we are ideally placed to offer you a fast, reliable service for your printing needs. We offer a full range of printing processes including Screen, flatbed digital, large format and litho full colour. Please call us with your requirements

Our comprehensive range of hand fed and fully automatic machines allows us to print a full spectrum of colours either using Pantone referencing or colour matching to your requirements. We can print with vinyl inks, fluorescent colours and a range of specialist inks, including thermochromic, photochromic, mirror, scratch card printing and glitter ink.  

 We print onto many substrates, including paper, vinyl, metal such as angled machine or instrument fascia’s, glass and many plastics including polypropylene and perspex. We can also apply glue using the screen printing method e.g. horseshoe gum or gluing and apply silicone release paper.

Screen Printing - Security

Screen printing fluorescent colours provides a vibrancy and clarity perfect for security print which is unrivaled by digital or litho print. Screen printing also enables you to use Invisible UV ink which adds an additional layer of security to your print - talk to us about how this may be useful to you.

Seal varnish and latex, also known as 'scratch off' applied to bespoke scratch cards, tickets and event passes provides extra security. We can over print seal varnish and latex with a design or specific wording. UV varnish can also be applied over latex for added durability.

Printed Festival Passes & Car Passes
Printed Festival Passes & Car Passes

Screen Printing - UV Varnish

UV Varnish provides a high class finish to your product and we are able to apply either full coverage or just over a specific area- this is known as 'spot UV’ and can be effective in highlighting particular information or images on your material. Several coats of UV varnish can produce a “high build” finish which looks extra special.

 UV varnish can be applied over latex on scratch off cards to enhance both its look and durability while maintaining its “scratchability”.

Custom Printed Ring Binders UK
Custom Printed Ring Binders

Specialist Inks

Working with specialist inks like Thermochromic, Photochromic and Mirror finish which enables us to provide you with temperature colour changing images,  ‘glow in the dark’ and ‘glitter’ finishes and mirror effect, which really draws attention to your products. Other inks available include 'scratch and sniff' and fluorescent. Fluorescent colours when screen printed provide a vivid depth of colour unmatched by other printing techniques giving an added security layer for high value permits and tickets. This can also give you a further dimension to your Promotion literature. Please discuss your print requirements with us.

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